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Caring for your pets during Firework season

Pets and Fireworks


With the dark nights here once more it’s also time for firework displays to begin! While these can be a dramatic and stunning celebration they can also be a time of fear and anxiety for our pets.

Keep your pets safe and calm this firework season by following these steps:

  • Keep cats in at night for their safety.
  • Walk your dogs before dark with just a quick trip to the toilet last thing (as long as there are no fireworks at that time).
  • NEVER take your pet to a fireworks display.
  • Keep your curtains drawn once it is dark to prevent  your pets seeing fireworks.
  • Put the TV or radio on louder when fireworks begin.
  • Try to ignore your dog or cat if they seem anxious: this goes against every instinct but by reassuring them we can inadvertently reinforce this behaviour.
  • If your pet has found a hiding place in your house don't coax them out but let them stay where they feel safer.

If your dog or cat is truly terrified there are products which can help:

At Maven Veterinary Care we recommend and supply Feliway diffusers for cats and DAP diffusers for dogs, both of which can reduce anxiety.

In addition we recommend and supply Nutra Calm tablets. These natural tablets can work wonders in calming your pet without the side effects of sedatives.

For more information on firework safety or to find out more about our recommended products call us on 0208 337 2214.