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Laboratory Samples

Vets, like doctors, often have to run tests to help identify the cause of an illness or to check that a medication is working properly.

At Maven Vets we have an in-house laboratory at our North Cheam Clinic which means many samples are run here.

For you this means quicker results and quicker treatment for your pet.

Nurse Kerri examining a microscope slide

Nurse Leticia running a blood sample

However, some tests do need to be sent to an external laboratory for analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tests are run in your in-house laboratory?

  • Screening blood samples including biochemistry (to gain information about organs within the body), haematology (to gain information about the red and white blood cells in the body) and electrolytes (to gain information about the salts in the body).
  • Specific blood samples for conditions such as pancreatitis, parvovirus and FeLV and FIV.
  • Blood Typing (for patients who may require an urgent blood transfusion)
  • Ear swabs to look at cytology (cells in the ear)
  • Microscopy
  • Urine Samples

What tests are run at your external lab?

Samples which may be sent to our external laboratory include:

  • Specific blood samples
  • Biopsies for histopathology
  • Slides for specific cytology
  • Faecal samples
  • Some urine samples
  • Swabs which require a culture (to check for bacterial growth)

Does it cost extra to have a test sent to the external lab?

Please be aware that, at Maven Vets, we do not mark up the cost of any external laboratory samples.

When will I get the results of my pet's tests?

For tests which are run in our in-house laboratory you will be called with results on the same or next day.

Tests which are sent to our external laboratory are collected each day by special courier.

Typically results are emailed within 2-3 days to the clinic and your vet will then call with results.

Please be aware some tests require a longer period to be run. Your vet will advise you when to expect the results at the time of running the test.


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