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New Kitten Appointment

During your kitten’s first year he or she will grow.... a lot!

If you consider 1 year in a cat’s is approximately equivalent to 7 human years you can understand the huge changes they will go through during this year.

At Maven Vets we offer free nurse clinic appointments throughout your kitten’s first year of life to keep you on the right track.

Appointments are scheduled monthly until your kitten is 6 months of age and then every 3 months until they are 15 months when they will be due for their first booster cat vaccinations.

During these appointments we will guide you in:

  • Feeding: From kitten milk through to adult food – when should you change and how much should you feed?
  • Grooming: Does your kitten require grooming? If so, what brushes should you use and how often should you groom?
  • Exercise: Should you let your kitten out or keep them indoors? How can you make sure they get enough exercise to prevent them becoming overweight?
  • Pet Dental Care: As your kitten loses their baby teeth and gets their adult teeth this is the ideal time to get them used to home dental care to keep them healthy.


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