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November 2015

 Dr Mike Baumann, Practice Partner and Veterinary Surgeon Photo

Maven Vet Contributes to Ground Breaking Research

30th November 2015 | by Maureen

Maven Vet and Partner, Dr Mike Baumann, has contributed to new reasearch that has shown which bacteria are associated with feline gum disease for the first time.

Mike, who has a great interest and passion for pet dentistry, collected plaque samples from many feline patients, with their owners consent, over several months. These samples were analysed by the authors of the report which was first published in 'Veterinary Microbiology' in February of this year and which has been published online today.

Mike said, 'It is great to have been able to contribute to this research. The results are very exciting as they open the possibilites for more effective treatment of cats with gum disease.As a gold standard cat friendly practice we welcome any advances which may improve the lives of our feline friends.'

For further information on the study please follow this link.

For more information on Pet Dentistry at Maven Veterinary Care please click here.

Brownie Visit for Animal Care Badge

24th November 2015 | by Maureen

Two of our staff, Leticia and Maureen, recently visited the 4th Cheam Brownies to talk to them about animal care.

The brownies are all aged between 7 to 10 years old and are working towards their Animal Care Badge.

During the visit we talked to them about basic animal care, helping understand what is essential for different animals.

We also covered what the girls should do if they found a stray or injured animal and when it is important to take their own pets to see the vet.

The girls were very enthusiastic and had a great time playing games around the topics they needed to learn.

We wish them all luck for sitting for their badges and are sure they will all pass with flying colours!


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