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Travelling abroad with your pet

You may be considering taking your pet abroad for a number of reasons: Perhaps you want to go on holiday and take your pet with you or perhaps you are emigrating.

In each case there are requirements you have to meet to travel with your pet.

Please be aware that these requirements can take time – you should begin preparing for your travel a minimum of six months before you begin to travel if travelling outside of the EU.

Emigrating with your pet

Depending on where your are emigrating to, you will need to meet the requirements of that country for your pet.

Current information on the requirements for each country can be found at the official government website for DEFRA

Our vets will also be happy to help you determine what is required for your pet to travel.

Taking your pet on holiday (The Pet Travel Scheme)

The Pet Travel Scheme enables you and your pet to travel to qualifying countries and return to the UK without the need for quarantine.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Pet Travel Scheme

What do I need to do to qualify my pet for the Pet Travel Scheme?

To qualify for the Pet Travel Scheme your pet will need to:

At Maven Vets several of our vets are LVIs and so we are able to issue your pet’s passport.

Prior to coming back to the UK you will also to arrange an appointment for your pet to be treated by a vet for worms and tick control and this must be stamped in your passport.

Where can I travel with my pet on the Pet Travel Scheme?

The majority of qualifying countries are in Europe.

A full list of qualifying countries can be found on the official Pet Travel Scheme website from DEFRA

When can I travel with my pet?

You can take your pet out of the UK 21 days after they have been vaccinated against rabies and had their passport issued.

Does my pet need a blood sample?

Since January 2013 pets no longer require a blood sample to prove their rabies vaccine has been effective.

How do I keep my passport up to date?

Your pet will require to have a booster rabies vaccination.

The length of time between booster vaccinations will depend in where you are travelling but is normally required every 3 years.

Your LVI Vet will write in you pet’s passport the date by which they must have their rabies vaccination booster.

Please be aware that if you miss the date of rabies booster vaccination your pet will need to restart the passport process.