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Chantal Achieves the BTEC Award in Veterinary Client Care

13th May 2016 | by Maureen

We are delighted that Chantal has successfully completed her BTEC in Veterinary Client Care!

Chantal joined our Customer Care team in July 2015 and has worked hard to complete her BTEC in the months sincce joining us.   The BTEC focuses on the aspects of veterinary customer care which are undoubtedly unique to the veterinary industry and is a qualification all of our customer care team have completed or are working on.

Those who have met Chantal will have no doubt that this is a well-deserved award as she has a natural gift for customer care and a genuine wish to help clients and all around her. Those who have not yet met Chantal we would encourage to pop in and say hello!

Well Done Chantal!

Sam gains her certificate in Feline Nursing!

11th February 2016 | by Maureen

We are very proud to announce that nurse, Samantha Watford has achieved her International Society of Feline Medicine Certificate in Feline Friendly Nursing!

As part of being a Gold Standard Cat Care Clinic we ensure all staff maintain a high standard in cat care. Sam has taken this a step further and completed further study in this field. For more information on this qualification please visit the International Cat Care website.

We are delighted for Sam and are sure all our feline friends, like Daisy pictured here, will appreciate her hard work!

Protect the title ‘Veterinary Nurse’ and protect our pets!

9th February 2016 | by Maureen

Who is looking after YOUR pet when they come into the vets? You have peace of mind that anyone working in the UK as a Veterinary Surgeon has completed extensive training to gain their qualifications. They are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons which means they comply with the standards and regulations set by this body. They are also subject to disciplinary action if they do not comply.

It is illegal for someone not registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to act as a Veterinary Surgeon.

You have protection and trust with the title ‘Veterinary Surgeon.’

However, did you know the same is not currently true of the title Veterinary Nurse?

At present in the UK, anyone can assume the title Veterinary Nurse and the law does not prevent this. That means anyone, with no training, could be looking after YOUR pet when they are under anaesthetic, when they are sick in hospital, when they are at their most vulnerable.

We believe this is wrong and is putting the animals of the UK at risk.

At Maven all of our nurses are Registered Veterinary Nurses or in training to become Registered Veterinary Nurses, working under strict supervision.

Registered Veterinary Nurses have had rigorous and extensive training in all aspects of Veterinary Nursing and gained the Veterinary Nurse qualification. They are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Nurses and comply with their standards and regulations. Like vets they are also subject to disciplinary action if they fail to meet these standards.

The veterinary profession want to protect the title 'Veterinary Nurse' in law. This would make it illegal for anyone not registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Nurses to work as a Veterinary Nurse in the UK providing protection for your pets.

In August 2015, a petition was launched to ask the Government to protect the title. 10,000 signatures were required for the Government to respond.

This target was met but, disappointingly, the Government responded that they would not protect the title.

The next step in this campaign is to have the petition debated in parliament.

To achieve this we need 100,000 signatures on the petition by the 14th February 2016.

Help us, and your pets, by Signing the Petition.

For more information on this campaign please click here