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Alice Boyle

Alice Boyle

Veterinary Care Assistant

Alice has been working as an animal care assistant at Maven Vets (previously Frean and Smyth) since 2008. In October 2016 she completed her training to become a Veterinary Care Assistant, a role which she thoroughly enjoys.

In total Alice owns 8 pets: 2 dogs- a border collie called Harley and a cavalier king Charles called Hope and 6 cats - Molly, Rolo, Tammy, Misty, Belle and Ginge.

In her spare time she likes to listen to music, socialise with friends and spend time with her family and husband.


  • accreditations rcvs outstanding client service
  • accreditations rcvs outstanding in patient service
  • accreditations rcvs outstanding consultation service
  • accreditations rcvs outstanding team professional responsibility
  • accreditations best business 2017
  • accreditations rcvs accredited practice sah
  • accreditations vet practice design awards 2015
  • accreditations isfm gold car friendly clinic 2019