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Anaesthetic Safety

At Maven Vets we take anaesthetic safety very seriously with patient care our primary concern. In this video we explain the measures we take.

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At Maven Vets we see dental care as an essential part of keeping your pet healthy along with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. Pets, like people, easily develop plaque and tartar on…

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Endoscopy is a procedure where a tube containing a small camera can be used to have a look inside the body. It is most commonly used to examine the gastrointestinal system and respiratory…

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In an Emergency

Contact us immediately on 0208 337 2214 for advice. If the clinic is closed you will be directed to our Out Of Hour Emergency provider, Vets Now Sutton, who are located here at Maven…

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Owning a pet can be a fantastic and rewarding experience and, for many, our pets become part of the family. When the time comes to let them go it can be incredibly sad. At Maven Vets we are…

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Home Visits

At Maven Vets we understand it is not always possible to bring your pet to us. Where possible we are happy to arrange a home visit on these occasions. Call us on 0208 337 2214 if you would…

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At Maven Vets we understand having your pet admitted to hospital can be a very worrying time. We will ensure your pet is well looked after while they are with us. We will also keep you up…

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Insurance brings peace of mind that things important to you such as your house, home or health are protected should anything happen. This is also true of pet insurance. Pet Insurance can be…

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Laboratory Samples

Vets, like doctors, often have to run tests to help identify the cause of an illness or to check that a medication is working properly. At Maven Vets we have an in-house laboratory at our…

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Local Pet Services

Maven Veterinary Care are proud to promote local businesses who cater for your pet's other needs. Please note Maven Veterinary Care do not inspect and are not responsible for any of these…

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Micro-chipping is a simple and safe way to identify your pet. Since April 2016 it is also a legal requirement that all dogs in the UK over 8 weeks old  are micro-chipped and their details…

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Neutering is the term used for spaying a female animal or castrating a male animal. At Maven Vets we recommend neutering your pet unless you are a breeder. There are both health and social…

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Nurse Clinics

Our dedicated Nursing Team at Maven Vets run nurse appointments 7 days a week. The services offered during our nurse appointments include: Introductory Puppy and Kitten Nurse Consults:…

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During your pet’s life it is likely they will need at least one operation as we recommend neutering your pet unless you plan to breed from them.  Your pet may also need an operation to treat…

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Pet physiotherapy is frequently used as part of a treatment regime in our pets. At Maven Vets we are delighted to offer this service with a Chartered Physiotherapist who specialises in…

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Puppy Classes

Socialisation and training are essential for any new puppy. Our Maven Puppy Classes, run by dog trainer Laura Halton, are the perfect introduction to both! 

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If your pet has a more complicated condition or illness it is possible they may need a referral to a specialist.  At Maven Vets we will always discuss with you if this is appropriate for…

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Second Opinions

If your pet has been seen at another veterinary clinic and you are unsure about their condition or treatment it is possible you may want a second opinion.  At Maven Vets we are happy to see…

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Stray Pets

Have you found a stray animal?   Read our guide to ensure you contact the correct people for help.   Stray Dogs   Stray Cats

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Travelling abroad with your pet

You may be considering taking your pet abroad for a number of reasons: Perhaps you want to go on holiday and take your pet with you or perhaps you are emigrating. In each case there are…

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Ultrasound Scanning

Ultrasound scanning is used to assess many conditions in pets and people. Most people are familiar with ultrasound scans in pregnancy and have seen pictures of babies in the womb. Similarly…

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Pet Vaccinations provide protection against a variety of diseases. They are an essential part of your pet’s health care as many of the diseases which can be vaccinated against are still…

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