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At Maven Veterinary Practice we understand having your pet admitted to hospital can be a very worrying time.  We will ensure your pet is well looked after while they are with us.

We will also keep you up to date with your pet’s progress.

You are welcome to call us at any time while your pet is in hospital.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my pet been admitted to hospital?

At Maven Vets in Surrey, our aim is to keep your pet as healthy as possible and we hope they do not have to stay with us in hospital.

However, some conditions require treatment that can only be given when your pet is admitted. This includes if your pet needs a drip or intra venous medications.

We may also advise admitting your pet to hospital if they need continuous or regular observation from a trained veterinary professional.

In all cases where your pet is admitted to hospital this will be fully discussed with you so that you understand why your pet needs to be admitted.

Who looks after my pet in hospital?

Your pet will be assigned a Nurse and Vet each day.

Together they are responsible for agreeing and following an individual care plan for your pet for the day.

They will also update you on your pet's condition.

If your pet requires to stay in hospital overnight we will discuss this with you.

In addition, your pet will have a full examination with the Vet and Nurse morning and evening (and more frequently if required).

At Maven Vets we have 24 hour staff on site. During the day the team from Maven will care for your pets, and at night dedicated Out of Hour vets team from Vets Now will look after your pets. This means your pet is never left on their own, ensuring excellent care throughout.

Can I visit my pet in hospital?

We are always happy to have owners visit their pets in hospital.

Visiting patients is normally arranged in the late afternoon or evening when you will meet the nurse caring for your pet and can spend time with your pet.

Visits are normally restricted to 20 minutes: this is to ensure all patients can receive a visit.

If you would like to visit your pet, please discuss this with your vet and they will arrange a time for you to come in.

Very occasionally we may advise you not to visit your pet in hospital.

This will only be if we feel it will upset your pet and hinder their recovery.

In this circumstance we will discuss this with you.

What care will my pet have during their hospital stay?

While in your hospital your pet will be very well looked after.

We have three separate hospital wards, one for dogs, one for cats and small animals and one for patients who need to be isolated.

For more detailed information on the care your dog, cat or rabbit will have in hospital please follow the links:

Dogs in Hospital

Cats in Hospital

Rabbits and other small animals in Hospital

Please note:

At Maven Vets we have 24 hour staff on site. During the day the team from Maven will care for your pets and at night a dedicated Out of Hour vets from Vets Now will look after your pets. This means your pet is never left on their own, ensuring excellent care throughout.

Where will my pet stay in hospital?

At Maven Veterinary Surgery we have three separate hospital wards, one for dogs, one for cats or small animals and one for patients who need to be isolated.

Each ward has been designed to maximise your pet’s comfort and safety while they are away from home with consideration of the unique differences between the species and care that your pet may require while in hospital.

Maven Dog Ward

Our Dog ward has been designed with kennel sizes to fit all dogs.

It has easy access to our outdoor dog run where the nurses regularly take our canine patients for toileting and to stretch their legs.

We use a DAP Diffuser to help reduce anxiety in our canine patients.

Maven Cat and Small Animal Ward

Our Cat and small animal ward has been specifically designed to maximise a stress free area. No kennels face each other as we understand this can stress cats in particular.

The Cat ward is located in a quiet area of the clinic and is completely separate from our dog ward.

We use a Feliway Diffuser at all times to help reduce anxiety among our feline patients.

We have designed a mix of bed sizes to allow additional space for patients who need to stay with us for longer.

Visit our Cat Ward through your cat's eyes in our Pet's Eye Video Tour!

Maven Isolation Ward

Our isolation ward is used for pets who may be suffering from an infectious condition to prevent this being passed to other pets in hospital.

Alternatively, pets who are unvaccinated may also be placed in the isolation ward for their own protection.

If your pet is in our isolation ward, they will receive the same high level of care as those in our other wards and will receive all the TLC they need.

How often will I be updated while my pet is in hospital?

Keeping you actively informed of your pet’s condition and progress is our priority.

During your pet’s stay in hospital you will receive a minimum of two updates per day.

These will be following your pet's morning and evening examinations.

If your pet also requires treatments or tests during the day, we will also update you following these.

What happens when I take my pet home from hospital?

Once your pet’s condition has improved and they no longer need to be in hospital we will discharge them home to you.

We know this can be a worrying time for owners as patients may not be 100% back to normal.

Your vet will discuss your pet’s condition with you in detail. They will also give you written information clearly outlining what ongoing medications your pet may require and when to give these. In addition, they will advise you of any signs to monitor for your pet.

At the time of discharge, we will book your pet’s revisit appointment.

This will normally be booked with the vet looking after your pet and the timing will vary depending on your pet’s condition.


Terms and Conditions

Your vet will provide you with a written estimate for initial treatment and / or investigations your pet needs when admitted to hospital.

You will be asked to pay a deposit at the time of admission.

During your pets stay in hospital we will update you on their progress and costs twice a day.

Unfortunately, we are unable to keep any of your pet's belongings with them while they are in hospital. This is to ensure they are not lost and for health and safety.

To enable spreading of payment of your account you will be asked for payment when the outstanding balance exceeds £500.

The only exception to this is if we are claiming costs directly from your insurance company (A Direct Insurance Claim).

Can I claim directly from my insurance company.


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