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During your pet’s life it is likely they will need at least one operation as we recommend pet neutering, unless you plan to breed from them.

Your pet may also need an operation to treat an illness or injury.

Treating illness and Injury

Whatever the reason for your pet’s operation we understand that this can be a very worrying time for you.

At Maven Veterinary Surgery we will always provide you with full information about the operation your pet requires, and are available to answer any questions you may have.

If your pet has been booked in for an operation please download and complete our Pre Operation Questionnaire here.

Terms and Conditions

We will provide you with a written estimate for your pet’s operation.

You will be asked to pay a deposit on the morning of admission and the balance when you collect your pet.

The only exception for this will be for Direct Insurance Claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be operating on my pet?

At Maven Vets all operations are carried out by our highly skilled vets.

Our vets undergo continued training in operating, keeping them up to date with the best surgical techniques to safely look after your pets.

In addition one of our vets, Michael Morrice, is studying for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Diploma in Small Animal Surgery, meaning he will be a specialist in this area.

Your pets are in safe hands.

Where will my pet's operation take place?

At Maven Vets operations your pet may need will take place at our North Cheam Clinic.

This means your pet will be looked after before, during and after the operation in the familiar environment of your own vets. *

Our operating facilities are purpose built.

We have two dedicated sterile theatres. Staff must be dressed in theatre scrubs to enter this area ensuring sterility for your pet. Our levels of sterility and control in these areas are similar to human hospitals.

When will my pet's operation take place?

All routine and non-emergency operations are booked in to take place Monday to Friday.

Emergency operations will take place over the weekend if required.

How do I prepare my pet for an operation?

Unless your pet requires an emergency operation you will have time to prepare for the operation.

This will involve preparing yourself and your pet!

We will help with both.

  • We will discuss your pet’s condition in detail as well as what operation is required. Where possible we will also give you written information - we know it can be a lot to take in.
  • We will give you a printed estimate of costs for your pet’s operation and discuss any financial questions you may have.
  • Having booked your pet in for an operation please download and complete our pre operation form.  This will confirm details of your pet’s feeding preferences, of any medications they are on and also contact phone numbers where we can reach you on the day of the operation. Please bring this form with you on the day of the operation.

The night before the operation your dog or cat should be fed their normal dinner and then all food removed.

Please note that rabbits and small furries should not be starved overnight.

Cats should be kept indoors over night to ensure they do not disappear or eat overnight.

Your pet can have water through the night.

In the morning please take away water from your dog or cat.

Again, this does not apply to rabbits or small furries.

Dogs should be taken for a short walk on the morning of their operation to allow them to go to the toilet.

If your pet is on medication, please ask your vet in advance if this should be given on the morning of the operation.

What can I expect in the admit appointment?

Your pet will be admitted by the vet or nurse who will examine your pet, confirm their current weight and discuss any final questions you may have.

We will collect your pre operation form which you have completed at home.

We will ask you to complete an admission form giving us permission to perform your pet’s operation.

The estimated cost for your pet’s operation will be confirmed.

You will be asked to pay a deposit towards the cost of your pet’s operation and our reception team will take this payment for you.

The amount of deposit will depend on the estimated costs of the procedure:

  • If the estimate is <£250 then the deposit will be £100
  • If the estimate is <£500 then the deposit will be £250
  • If the estimate is >£500 then the deposit will be £500

Finally, we will arrange an appointment for you to collect your pet later in the day unless they need to stay overnight.

Unfortunately, we are unable to keep any of your pet's belongings with them while they are in hospital. This is to ensure they are not lost and for health and safety.

What happens once my pet has been admitted?

Once admitted the nurses will look after your pet, settling them into their bed for the day.

 If your pet needs blood tests or fluids for their operation this will be done now. (Small areas of fur will be clipped to allow these.)

The kennel nurse will monitor your pet before their operation.

Shortly before your pet’s operation they will be given a pre-anaesthetic medication. This is a medication which helps them relax and reduces the amount of anaesthetic agent they need for their operation which is safer for your pet.

Your pet will be now be closely monitored by a nurse and once relaxed will be given their full anaesthetic by the vet operating on your pet.

Your pet’s anaesthetic will be monitored throughout their operation by a dedicated nurse who will record all details of the anaesthetic and communicate any concerns directly to the vet.

Our nurses are all fully trained in anaesthetic monitoring and use advanced multi-parameter monitors which also record the patients’ blood pressure, ECG and breathed gases. This means we are able to ensure optimal safety for your pet throughout their surgery.

Your pet will be prepared for their operation: hair will be clipped away in the area we are operating, and the skin scrubbed to remove dirt and bacteria. This is a detailed procedure to ensure sterility during your pet’s operation.

The vet operating on your pet will also surgically scrub their hands and arms before putting on sterile surgical gloves. For some operations the vet will also be required to wear a sterile surgical gown.

All vets and nurses involved in your pet’s surgery will wear surgical scrubs, a surgical hat and mask.

Once prepared your pet will be transferred to one of our sterile theatres for their operation. This is a sterile environment maximising your pet’s safety.

After your pet’s operation the nurse will stay with your pet until they wake up. They will then be transferred back to their bed on the ward.

When will I be updated on my pet’s progress?

The vet will call you on completion of your pet’s operation to go through the procedure with you.

They will confirm with you what time you can collect your pet and what medication, if any, they will be coming home with.

The vet will also confirm the cost of the operation and the outstanding balance to be paid on collection of your pet.

What happens after my pet’s operation?

After your pet’s operation the nurse will stay with your pet until they wake up from their anaesthetic.

They will then be transferred back to their bed on the ward where the kennel nurse will continue to monitor them.

Where appropriate, your pet will be offered food and water when they are fully awake, ready to come home to you.

How do I look after my pet once they come home?

When you come to collect your pet, you will have an appointment with either a vet or a nurse.

They will go through any medications your pet needs and when to give them as well as information on anything you need to monitor.

You will be given a Home Care Sheet for your pet which will also have the same information for you to take home.

A post operative appointment will be made to ensure your pet is recovering well and their surgical wound healing.

We will also call you the day after your pet’s operation to make sure you have no concerns.

Terms and Conditions

We will provide you with a written estimate for your pet’s operation.

You will be asked to pay a deposit on the morning of admission and the balance when you collect your pet.

The only exception for this will be for Direct Insurance Claims.


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