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Pet Endoscopies at Maven Veterinary Practice in Sutton.

A Pet Endoscopy is a procedure where a tube containing a small camera can be used to have a look inside the body. It is most commonly used to examine the gastrointestinal system and respiratory system (bronchoscopy).

At our Vets in Surrey we have a visiting specialist, Dr Elise Robertson, who travels to the clinic to perform this procedure for pets whose condition requires a specialist opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does endoscopy mean for my pet?

Pets who need endoscopy or bronchoscopy need to be under general anaesthetic. This is because the tube containing the camera has to be passed down your pet’s throat into either their stomach or lungs.

Your vet will discuss this with you when they recommend the procedure.

Your pet can have endoscopy as an out-patient which means they will come in for the procedure on the day and go home the same evening. In some instances, your pet may require endoscopy as part of their investigation and treatment while in hospital. For more information on what to expect when your pet has a procedure with us or stays in hospital, please see our pages on Patients in hospital and Operations.

When will I get the results of my pet’s endoscopy?

The results from an endoscopy procedure are instant.

Your vet will phone you following the procedure to discuss any finding and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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