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Basic Care

At Maven Vets in Surrey your pet will be given their own kennel with bedding, food, water and litter tray.  Each morning the kennel will be fully cleaned, and all bedding changed and freshened.

We will discuss with you if your rabbit or small pet prefers a water bottle or bowl and will make sure their preference is provided.

We also have larger kennels for patients who have to stay with us for longer, ensuring they are comfortable during their stay.


Clinical Care

Your pet will have a full clinical exam with a vet and nurse and an individual care plan agreed for the day.  The vet will call you after this examination to update you on how your pet is doing, the plan for that day and also current and expected costs of treatment for the day.

Discussing this with you ensures you are involved in the decisions made in your pet’s care.  The nurse looking after your pet will then ensure your pet has all medications, food and water at the correct times throughout the day.

Importantly, they will also spend time with your pet during the day, providing essential TLC and grooming them as required.

If the nurse has any concerns that your pet is not responding as expected they will immediately alert the vet who will reassess your pet.

Our nurses are fully trained in monitoring patients in hospital and are briefed by the vet each morning if there are any specific symptoms to be monitored.


Clinical Rounds

Each afternoon we hold clinical rounds. This is a time when all our vets and nurses visit each patient in hospital and discuss their case. Not only does this ensure all are kept up to date with your pet’s condition but also that all can contribute suggestions and advice to ensure your pet receives the best care.  Last thing in the evening your pet will receive another full clinical exam with the vet and nurse and a plan for that night will be confirmed.

Once again you will receive a phone call from your vet with this full update.


Out of Hours Vets

If your pet needs to stay with us through the night they will be continuously looked after as we have a vet and nurse on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  When Maven Vets are closed, care of your pet will be provided by a team of vets and nurses from Vets Now. As Vets Now work from the Maven Veterinary Care clinic your pet will not need to be transferred, minimising stress for them and you and optimising recovery.

Your vet at Maven will advise you of the plan for your pet overnight and will directly hand over care to the Vets Now team to ensure continuity. Care will be handed back to Maven Vets first thing in the morning. If there are any problems with your pet through the night the Vets Now team will contact, you directly to discuss this with you.


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