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Following your pet's operation At Maven Veterinary Surgery, we want to make sure your pet is healing and recovering properly.

Veterinary Nurse Clinic

In all instances of surgery, as part of the Veterinary Nurse Clinic, a nurse will call you the day after your pet goes home to make sure you have no concerns. Our normal protocol is to invite patients back to the clinic 2 days after their surgery, and 10 days after their surgery to reassess their wounds and ensure they are doing well. These appointments are commonly carried out by our qualified nurses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are post operative appointments always with a nurse?

No, for some operations or in some instances your pet may need to be reassessed by a vet following their operation.

You will be advised of this when your pet is discharged home to you.

Post operative appointments with the vet are charged as follow on appointments.

What happens if the nurse is concerned my pet is not healing properly?

At Maven Vets all of our nurses are trained in assessing patients and wounds in the post operative period.

If they have any concerns about your pet during this assessment, they will seek the advice of a vet.

What can I expect as my pet's wound heals?

The healing of a wound really depends on the type of wound your pet has.

However, for surgical wounds healing is often complete within 10 days.

As an example, here are some photos of a dog castration wound immediately after surgery, at his 2-day post operative appointment and his 10 day post operative appointment.


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