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The number of overweight dogs and cats in the UK is increasing often due to too much food or too little exercise.

However content your dog or cat may look, being overweight is a danger to your pet's well-being and can lead to shortened life expectancy.

In contrast, a successful weight loss programme can lead to your pet having a new lease of life!

Veterinary Nurse Clinics

At Maven Veterinary Nurse Clinic in Surrey we run a Pet Weigh in Club just for you and your pet. We want to help you get back on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join the Pet Weigh In Club?

If your pet has been identified as being overweight, you are not alone.

The first reason to join our Pet Weigh In Club is to optimise your pet's health.

The second reason to join our Pet Weigh In Club is for support:

  • It can be difficult to identify and change the habits that have led to your pet’s weight gain in order to then help them lose it.
  • It can also be dangerous for pets to lose weight too quickly and so finding the right programme for your pet can be a challenge.

The Pet Weigh In Club does this for you giving you peace of mind you are doing the best for your pet.

What does membership of the Pet Weigh In Club offer?

Your dedicated Nurse will initially assess your pet and discuss with you their diet and lifestyle. Together you will then agree their weight loss programme.

The programme will set achievable and safe weight loss targets for your pet.

You will receive a support pack that includes a lot of handy tips to get you started.

In addition, your nurse will schedule follow up nurse clinic appointments to monitor your pet's progress and to give you support for the obstacles along the way.

You will also benefit from a Loyalty Card for food which may be recommended for your pet.

How long does membership last?

Each pet's weight loss programme will be different. However, on average a weight loss programme will last a year and during this time your nurse will see your pet monthly.

Once they reach their healthy weight a new maintenance programme will be designed for your pet.

Follow up appointments with your nurse will ensure they stay at their healthy weight.

What does membership of the Pet Weigh In Club cost?

The club is free to join as part of our veterinary nurse clinic! There is no charge for visits to check your pet's weight and receive advice.

How do I join my pet in the Pet Weigh In Club?

If you feel your pet may benefit from the Weigh In Club you can discuss this with our vets or nurses in Surrey during any appointment.

Alternatively, please call us on 0208 337 2214 and a member of our Veterinary Nurse Clinic will start you on your way.


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