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Our Procedures & Pricing

When it comes to owning your own pet, this can incur a completely new set of outgoings per year and per month for your family. Here it is important to remember that the benefits and enjoyment that come with pet ownership can extremely outweigh the costs of pet care for many people!

If the time has come and you have decided that pet ownership is the right next step for you – then welcome to new pet ownership! Now it is the time to find your local vet in Sutton, London and register your pet with them today.

Here at Maven Veterinary Care, we offer an extensive range of veterinary services for pets of all sizes, temperaments, breeds, ages, and more! We are here to ensure that your pet’s health remains in the best possible condition that we can throughout their lives. Our services include:

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Our Pet Care Prices & Offers

Each of our services can be priced individually as a standard price; alternatively, some treatments and services are included in our Pet Health for Life plans.

Service Pet Health For Life Discount
Consultation Fee* - £59.50 Included (2 per year)
Nurse Clinic* - £32.46 Included (2 per year)
Vaccinations Included
- Puppy - £108.20 / £54.10 each Included
- Kitten - £125.52 / £62.76 each  
- Dog & Cat Annual Vaccine - £71.95 Included
Neutering - Between £141.03 to £458.01 10% off
Flea & Worm Treatment Included
Dental Care Contact to find out more
Microchipping - £46.08 Included
Annual Health Check - £59.50 Included
Nail Clipping** - £16.61 Included
Anal Gland Expression** - £24.98 Included
Specialist Services  
Endoscopy Contact to find out more
Operations Contact to find out more
Hospitalisation Contact to find out more
Physiotherapy Contact to find out more
Euthanasia Contact to find out more
Laboratory Samples Contact to find out more
Puppy Classes Contact to find out more
Ultrasound Scanning Contact to find out more
Senior Pet Care Contact to find out more

*Terms & Conditions apply

**Provided where appropriate


For more information about our services or to enquire about our usual standard prices, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at Maven Veterinary Care. Our team are on hand to help provide you with all the necessary information about each treatment, pricing and more!

You can learn more about our Pet Health for Life Plans for both cats and dogs online and sign your pet up online today.


Affordable Vet Services in Sutton, London

We understand here in Sutton in London, that the cost of owning a pet can usually be quite high. This, however, does not mean you can’t enjoy the benefits and joy that owning a pet can bring for you. 

With some gorgeous green spaces and parks across Sutton, it is a great London location for you to enjoy a walk with your dog or enjoy some retail therapy in the local shopping square. For those with feline friends, there is plenty of urban spaces for your cats to explore whilst you are outdoors before coming back to the safety of your homes.


FAQs for Pricing & Procedures

How to Plan Out Your Vet Costs & Invest in Your Pet’s Health

With so many different aspects to take into consideration, we understand that making your decision about pet ownership and how you navigate this wonderful journey, may take some time. Our friendly team, however, at Maven Veterinary Care are here to help you!

We will provide the best treatments and services that your pet could need, all at affordable prices. Our Pet Health for Life plans can help to spread the cost of preventative healthcare evenly throughout your year. Helping to ensure that your pet is well looked after and receives the best treatment whenever they need it.

If you are new to the pet ownership club, why not register your new pet with us online today? Once you have registered, you can book a consultation with a member of our team.

Additionally, as a Gold-level Cat Friendly Clinic, we will provide your new cat with a calm and quiet environment whenever they come into our practice. Our aim is to reduce the anxiety and stress that a trip to our veterinary practice can cause for your cat at every possible stage of its visit.

We look forward to meeting both you and your pet at Maven Veterinary Care Practice in Sutton, London soon!

Spread the Cost of Pet Healthcare with Our Pet Health for Life Plans

Ensuring that your pet receives the best care they can possibly receive throughout their lives is an important concern for every pet owner. Why not consider joining one of our Pet Health for Life plans for both cats and dogs today? These plans are a fantastic solution for spreading the cost of your pet’s healthcare throughout the year, giving your pet the best protection and preventative healthcare. All whilst you can breathe easy without facing sudden unexpected bills.

When you sign up for our Pet Health for Life plan, your pet will benefit from a range of treatments and services here at Maven Veterinary Care. 

Cat £17 (per month)
Dog (under 25kg) £19 (per month)
Dog (over 25kg) £23 (per month)

Why not find out more about our plans and sign your pet up for a Pet Health for Life plan today? Alternatively, book an appointment to find out more.

Please Note: Pet Health for Life is not Pet Insurance

We must make you aware, that whilst they are beneficial, our Pet Health for Life plans are not insurance plans for your pet. We recommend that you take out your own Pet Insurance alongside a Pet Health for Life plan to ensure that your pet is fully covered for every possibility.  

The Cost of Your Pet’s Care

Over the course of your pet’s lifetime, pet ownership can cost, on average for cats and dogs, between £16,000 and £33,000! This cost will be especially dependent upon the type of pet that you have and the specific requirements and needs they have. Despite this, you must be sure to have everything covered to ensure your pet has the best possible chances throughout their lifetime and here we can help you avoid any unexpected bills.

Some of the things you must consider include:

The list of costs to consider can be extensive for pets with costs at every turn, but with the right health plan and insurance in place, this can help spread the cost of your pet’s healthcare.

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