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If your pet has been seen at another veterinary clinic and you are unsure about their condition or treatment it is possible you may want a second opinion.

We are happy to see you for a second opinion 

To arrange a second opinion consultation with Maven Vets please call us on 0208 337 2214 or request an appointment.

We will:

  • Register your pet: this is required for us to record our clinical findings.
  • Take details of the veterinary practice where your pet has previously been seen- this is to request your pet’s clinical notes to be sent to us before your appointment allowing our vets to be familiar with your pet’s history.
  • Independently assess your pet and discuss with our clinical findings and professional opinion.

Following a second opinion we will always discuss if you would prefer to continue treatment at your original vet practice as we understand that our opinion may match that of your original vet giving you the peace of mind to continue their treatment there. In this instance we will send a copy of our consultation, clinical findings and discussion back to your vets.

If you prefer to remain with us for ongoing treatment of your pet, we will discuss with you in full the treatments or tests we recommend.

For more information on our appointments please visit Appointments At Maven Vets.


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