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Dog and Cat Ultrasounds in Sutton

Ultrasound scanning is used to assess many conditions in pets and people.

Most people are familiar with ultrasound scans in pregnancy and have seen pictures of babies in the womb.

Similarly ultrasound is used to give detailed information of internal organs such as the liver, kidneys and even the heart.

As it allows us to view moving images of the organs, it is a very valuable in diagnosis of many conditions and has the added value of being non-invasive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an ultrasound scan mean for my pet?

Ultrasound scanning is a non-invasive test which does not hurt your pet in any way.

Often scans are carried our when your pet is fully conscious. Occasionally they may need a light sedation to help them relax and lie still.

We will always discuss what our pet will need when we recommend a scan.

Your pet will have to have some hair clipped for their scan. This is to ensure we have good contact with your pet’s skin which will give the best pictures. Don’t worry – it grows back!

Who will do the ultrasound on my pet?

At Maven our vets are all trained in ultrasound imaging.

In addition, one of our vets, Aarti Amin, has her certificate in diagnostic imaging (a further qualification in this area).

We are also very privileged at Maven Vets to have a European Specialist in Diagnostic Imaging, Andrew Holloway, visit our North Cheam centre every two weeks.

Where will me pet's scan take place?

Your pet will have their scan in our dedicated ultrasound room in the clinic.

This room has been designed to be quiet and peaceful to allow your pet to relax during their scan.

When will I get the results of my pet’s scan?

Results of your pet’s scan will be available on the day your pet has a scan.

Your vet will call you following the scan to discuss all findings with you.

They will also then show you any pictures from the scan when you collect your pet.


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