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We take the stress and expense out of looking after you pet.

Joining Maven Vet's Health Care Club allows you to spread the cost of your pet's essential healthcare and provides peace of mind that they have everything they need to keep them healthy, when they need it.

What are the benefits of Maven Health Care Club for my pet?

Pets in the Health Care Club benefit from:

  • Their essential annual pet vaccinations and full health check up with their vet at a discounted cost
  • Worm control for the year at a discounted cost
  • Flea control for the year at a discounted cost
  • A complimentary health check 6 months after their vaccination with our nurses
  • The benefit of regular health checks allowing any problems to be quickly identified and addressed

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What are the benefits of Maven Health Care Club for me?

Clients who join their pets in the Health Care Club benefit from:

  • A reduction in the cost of preventative health care (vaccinations, flea control and worming) by 10%
  • The ability to spread the cost over 12 months by easy Direct Debit
  • Reminders via text, email or phone calls when your pet needs more treatment meaning you never forget
  • Peace of mind that you are looking after all aspects of your pet's essential health care.

Additional benefits as a Maven Health Care Club Member include:

  • 10% off all dental treatment year-round. 20% off dental treatment within 30 days of it being recommended for your pet
  • 10% off all prescription diets in the practice
  • 10% off all Royal Canin Lifestage diets in the practice
  • 10% off micro-chipping
  • 10% off neutering
  • 100% off anal gland expressions four times a year
  • 100% off in-house urine test annually
  • 100% off nail clips as needed

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What is the cost of the Maven Health Care Club for my pet?

The monthly cost of the Maven Health Care Club varies depending on what pet you have and what stage of life they are at.

The monthly cost is calculated only on the cost of annual vaccination and parasite protection for your pet, with a discount applied.

All other benefits of the plan do not affect the cost of the plan.

Cat £14 (per month)
Dog (0-10kg) £14.60 (per month)
Dog (10-25kg) £15.60 (per month)
Dog (25-40kg) £18.60 (per month)
Dog (40-50kg) £26.60 (per month)
Dog (50+kg) £28.60 (per month)
Rabbit £12.80 (per month)

Please note:

The prices for the Health Care Plan are reviewed annually. Should there be any change to the price of the plan all members will be individually contacted.

Please be aware upon signing up to the plan, the practice will contact you to arrange the first payment over the phone.

The comparison prices for vaccinations and products shown are correct at the time of setting the current Health Care Plan. These prices may be subject to increase during the year - this will have no bearing on the cost of the Health Care Plan in that period.

How do I join the Maven Health Care Club?

Before signing up your dog, please refer to our weight table to ensure you register for the correct plan. If you have any questions, before signing up, please call us.

If you you're interested in joining the Health Care Club, please agree to the Terms and conditions and click on Sign Up button below.


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