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Pet Dental Care at Maven Vets in Surrey

Does your furry friend require pet dental care in Surrey?

Our team of dental nurses is trained in delivering high-quality pet dental care services in Surrey. As well as our high standard quality of care, we can also offer useful advice for pet owners which can be invaluable for keeping your pet’s teeth strong and healthy.

Within our veterinary clinic, dental checks are a complimentary service included! Read more about our Pet Dental Care below. 

Pet Dental Care Services: What to Expect

Our fantastic pet dental care package includes the following services:

Dental Assessment:
The dental assessment will be a check over of your animal’s teeth and their general health. The dental nurses will explain exactly what they are looking for

Advice and guidance for Home Dental Care:
We will advise you on the best ways to look after your pet’s teeth at home. We will help to introduce a pet dental care plan at home, so you know what to do without the help of a vet dental care clinic! Our highly trained team can help explain

  • How to brush your pet’s teeth
  • Best types of foods to supply your pet
  • How to spot any dental issues 

Discussion of Pet Dental Treatment (if needed):
If your pet requires any pet dental treatment then our staff are happy to discuss this with you, keeping you informed every step of the process. Or if you prefer, you could discuss the treatment with our pet dental specialist Pet Dentist Michael Baumann.

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