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Cystitis is a condition characterised by inflammation of the bladder.

The signs that a cat will display include squatting excessively to try to pass urine, increased frequency of urination, blood in the urine, or urinating in unusual places. Bacterial infections are an uncommon cause of cystitis in cats, with stress being the primary factor causing these signs.

Cystitis is an uncomfortable condition which can be distressing for both the owner and the cat, so it is recommended that the cat is examined by a vet if these signs are seen.

Following a full examination, medications can be administered as necessary, a urine sample collected if possible, and stressors can be discussed and addressed to prevent recurrence of the cystitis signs.


Male cats can also show the above signs when they have a blocked urethra meaning they are unable to urinate at all. This is a potentially life-threatening situation and veterinary advice should be sought immediately. If you are concerned your male cat is showing these signs call us now on 0208 337 2214. Maven Veterinary Practice also operate as an Emergency out of hours vets and are open 24 hours a day.

The handouts below from International Cat Care provide more in depth information regarding the signs and management of cystitis in cats:


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