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Behavioural issues in dogs can range from annoying habits such as inappropriate chewing, to stressful conditions such as separation anxiety.

In some cases, they can escalate further to include dogs who show aggression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Behaviour issues in Dogs?

Often behavioural issues in dogs are complex. They may be triggered from poor socialisation as a puppy, or a frightening experience in a dog’s life.

Sometimes there is an underlying medical issue- perhaps the dog is painful or becoming elderly and confused.

How do you diagnose behavioural issues in dogs?

Any dog with possible behavioural issues should first have a full clinical exam at our Veterinary Practice in Surrey. This allows the vet to check if there may be any source of pain or other condition which can influence behaviour.

If the clinical exam is normal a full behaviour assessment should be done.

There are several professional dog behaviourists who can arrange to assess your dog at home or in a neutral environment to fully understand the nature and extent of the problem. They can then guide you in appropriate training and methods to help with the issue.

What treatments are available?

There are several medications that are available to help calm a dog's anxiety and help a dog cope with stressful times. Often, however, these medications are not a 'cure' but simply mask the problem. We would strongly recommend seeking professional behaviourist advice alongside any medications we can provide to tackle the cause of the problem and help you and your dog live a more stress-free and happy life.

Is there a behaviourist I can be referred to?

At Maven Vets we often refer to Laura Halton for Dog behaviour problems. Laura is a certified behaviourist.

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For more information on her services please visit her website: https://www.northsurreydogtraining.com/behaviour-consultation


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