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At Maven Vets our number one priority is keeping your new bunny healthy!

New rabbit recommendations

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Frequently Asked Questions

New Rabbit Vaccinations

There are two main diseases which rabbits need vaccination protection for.

These are Myxomatosis and Viral Heamorrhagic Diarrhoea.

Visit our Pet Vaccinations page for more information about the diseases which are protected as well as answers to many frequently asked questions.

(Pet Vaccinations are included in our Maven Health Care Club)

Parasite control in Bunnies

Rabbits can be treated for both worms and fleas if required but do not normally need preventative products for this.

However, they are very prone to developing a condition call ‘Fly Strike’:

Fly Strike occurs when flies are attracted to the rabbit (usually due to faeces or urine contaminating the coat or hutch) and the flies then lay eggs.

Within 24 hours the eggs will hatch into larvae, maggots, which then feed from the rabbet and can eat through the skin.

This condition is very painful and can kill the rabbit.

To prevent this cleanliness is key – checking your bunny daily to dirt is essential, as is cleaning out their bedding and toilet area.

However, for additional protection a product called Rearguard can be applied which will kill any eggs if they are laid.

Members of our Maven Heath Care Club benefit from Rearguard protection as part of their plan.

Feeding your bunny

There are many diets available for rabbits.

Some a look like muesli with a variety of shapes and cereals.

Others are single pellets which all look identical.

At Maven Vets we recommend a single pellet diet such as Burgess.

This is because rabbits can be selective eaters and where they have a selection of food, they may eat only part of it which can lead to problems.

Aside from pellets rabbits should be fed plenty of fresh hay. This is very important as it provides essential fibre for digestion and also helps them to grind their teeth and keep them as healthy as possible.

Always ensure your rabbit has access to a supply of fresh water. This can be in a water bowl or in a bottle.

Microchipping your Rabbit

Rabbits can be microchipped in the same way as dogs and cats.

Micro-chipping is the ideal way to identify your bunny and register him or her as yours.

Unlike collars the microchip is a permanent implant which sits under their skin.

Please visit our page on micro-chipping for more information and answers to frequently asked questions.

(Maven Health Care Club members benefit from 10% off this essential safety procedure.)

Neutering your bunny

Unless you are planning to breed from your bunny, we encourage you to have them neutered.

There are a number of health benefits to Pet Neutering which are explained in detail on our Pet Neutering page.

At Maven Vets we recommend male rabbit be castrated from 6 months of age.

We recommend female rabbits are spayed at approximately 6 months of age, before their first season.

In female rabbits, spaying can help to reduce aggression.

Insurance for new Rabbits

Keeping your bunny healthy is your priority (and ours).

However, accidents can happen and unfortunately, bunnies can become unwell.

Insuring your bunny for accident and illness means you can have peace of mind that, if you need to visit the vet, you do not have to worry about the cost of their treatment.

Click here to activate your Free 4 week’s insurance or request an appointment for your bunny’s health check and enhanced Free4 week’s insurance.

Visit our Insurance page for more information and advice on choosing the correct policy.

Training your bunny

Did you know that rabbit can make excellent house pets and can be litter tray trained?!

Why not request a free appointment with our veterinary nurse clinic to find out more.


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