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Maven Vets in Sutton can offer pet vaccinations for your cat, dog, or rabbit.


The Importance of Pet Vaccinations

You should think about getting your pet vaccinated as soon as possible during the first few weeks of getting them.

Vaccinations are essential in protecting your pet against harmful diseases which they can pick up from anywhere. These infectious diseases are quite prevalent in many locations in the UK – and these can even be passed on to humans too. Some diseases may be disabling or even life threatening for your pet, so it’s important to look at getting your pet vaccinated.

Regular pet vaccinations can help boost your pet’s immunity, and it’s a near-guarantee to ensure your pet is protected against diseases for life.

How do Pet Vaccinations Work?

Your pet will be vaccinated with a weak or dead form of disease. Their body will then target these pathogens with antibodies. Their body will remember the structure of these antibodies, so that if they encounter a stronger form of the disease in the future, they are able to fight it off easily without even getting strong symptoms.

Sutton based Pet Vaccination Services

If you are in the Sutton area, and need your pet to be vaccinated, then contact Maven Vets. We have a knowledgeable and professional team of friendly vets who can offer the right vaccination for your cat, dog, or rabbit.

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