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Here at Maven Vets, we have a leading team of veterinary experts who are on hand to provide you with expert rabbit dental care for Sutton and its surrounding areas. We know how important our pets can be in our lives; they are more like family than they are just furry friends. This is exactly why we are dedicated to providing you with the preventative and emergency dental care that your rabbits and bunnies deserve. Whether we are providing dental care or overall healthcare for your rabbits, Maven Vets is the right choice for you.

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Why is Rabbit Dental Care Important?

Dental issues can be one of the most common health problems affecting rabbits. One of the biggest contributors to their dental problems is how your rabbit’s teeth will continuously grow throughout their lifetime. Unfortunately, this can often lead to severe pain, discomfort, and potentially life-threatening problems later in life. This is why it is crucial to ensure that your pet receives proper rabbit dental care in Sutton.

Your rabbit’s overall well-being and happiness are at the core of everything we do. Here at Maven Vets, we offer complete examinations for your rabbit's dental health and gums, as well as advice for any routine dental care. You can help to protect your rabbit from dental diseases by protecting your rabbit’s teeth early. Preventing invasive and sometimes expensive dental treatments.

Signs of Rabbit Dental Problems

No responsible pet owner ever wants to know that their rabbit is suffering or in pain because of an easily preventable issue or disease. Therefore, it is vital to be able to recognise the signs of dental problems early. Allowing you to make a difference in your rabbit’s health and happiness. If your rabbit is experiencing dental problems, you may notice:

  • Your rabbit dribbling more than normal.
  • They start to swell around their face due to dental abscesses.
  • Your rabbit’s appetite may be decreased, or they may not be eating at all. Dental issues can cause your bunny to eat less because it will start to get painful when they chew their food. This must be monitored to prevent any significant weight loss.
  • You may notice that your rabbit produces fewer faecal pellets than normal. This is a strong indicator that your rabbit has had a change in their appetite and/or diet.
  • Similarly, your rabbit may stop eating their caecotrophs, the small faeces-like balls that rabbits produce once they’ve first eaten their food. These are then re-ingested to ensure that the rabbit receives all the nutrients, energy, and vitamins possible from their food. This is a completely normal aspect of their dietary behaviour. This may become a more obvious sign if your rabbit develops a ‘messy bum’.

Effective rabbit dental care can play a large part in guaranteeing your pet’s best quality of life. Therefore, we suggest that all rabbit owners make themselves familiar with their rabbit’s everyday features and habits. This way you will be more aware of potential issues when they arise before they become a problem as you are more likely to notice any changes. This can be especially key if your rabbit develops an urgent dental issue that requires immediate treatment.

If you believe that your rabbit is experiencing dental problems then please don't hesitate to contact us today!

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Our Expert Rabbit Dental Care

At Maven Veterinary Clinic, our highly skilled veterinarians have extensive experience in providing effective rabbit dental care. Whether that is for preventative care or emergency care. We ensure that every rabbit receives both compassionate and comprehensive dental care when in our care. Further ensuring that your rabbit receives the best possible treatment whilst under our care.

Rabbit Dental Procedures:

Should your bunny require a dental procedure with our team, you can rest assured with the knowledge that they are being cared for by capable and caring hands. Our range of rabbit dental care services includes:

  • Rabbit Abscesses: We can address your rabbit’s dental abscesses promptly, ensuring that we can alleviate their pain and try to prevent any further complications from occurring.
  • Rabbit Tooth Trimming: Keeping your rabbit’s teeth regularly trimmed and at an appropriate length will help to combat tooth overgrowth and its related issues.
  • Tooth Extractions: Where necessary, we can undertake safe and painless rabbit tooth extractions.

Rabbit Dental Examinations

One of the best ways that you can maintain and enhance your rabbit’s oral health is to ensure that they receive regular dental check-ups. Our experienced team are on hand to conduct thorough rabbit dental examinations. This will further help us to detect any potentially serious issues early on and rectify them before they become a bigger problem. Additionally, we use advanced diagnostic tools that can help us provide a precise assessment of your rabbit’s dental care needs.  

Pain Management for Rabbits

We appreciate that any veterinary appointment or procedure can be a stressful time for both you and your rabbits. We, therefore, do our utmost to prioritise your pet's comfort and well-being during their time with us. A major part of this is providing efficient pain management and treatment during and after several rabbit dental treatments. We provide a tailored approach to pain management to ensure that your rabbit receives appropriate pain management techniques tailored to their individual needs to ensure an easy and pain-free recovery.

Rabbit Microchipping

Preventative Rabbit Dental Care Sutton

Preventative rabbit dental care Sutton is always the best route to pet healthcare as opposed to needing cures or treatments. Here at Maven Vets Sutton, we can provide you with all the guidance on proper nutrition and oral hygiene practices that your rabbit needs. This allows you to take care of and maintain your rabbit's dental care from the comfort of your own home. Our educational resources will give you the power to be a proactive caregiver for your rabbit.

Contact Our Team Today

At Maven Veterinary Care, we know that every rabbit deserves to live a pain-free and happy life. Our team are dedicated to providing a commitment to excellence in all areas of your pet’s healthcare, not just your rabbit’s dental care. This sets our clinic apart as the trusted choice for your pet’s journey in healthcare.

If you would like to schedule your rabbit for a routine check-up or a more specific rabbit dental care appointment, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today! Take a proactive stance towards your rabbit's dental health by booking an appointment with Maven Veterinary Care today!


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