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Rabbits are usually neutered around four months of age. Castration involves removing the testes of a male rabbit, and spaying is the removal of the uterus and ovaries of a female. It is worth noting that sperm can reside in the genital tract for up to six weeks, so it’s best to keep your rabbit away from un-neutered females during this time. Neutering helps pair or bond rabbits, making them much happier as incredibly social creatures. 

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Neutering your rabbitBenefits of Neutering your Rabbit:

  • Prevents unwanted pregnancies and womb infections
  • Can help prevent tumours and breast cancer
  • Can also help prevent testicular cancer and prostate disease
  • Assists in preventing roaming and aggressive behaviour

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Should I let my rabbit have one litter before spaying her?

This is a common question, and there are no known health benefits to letting your rabbit have a litter; this is also the same for dogs and cats.

General anaesthesia before Rabbit Vaccinations

Your pet requires a general anaesthetic for neutering; here at Maven Vets, we have measures in place to ensure their safety during the procedure. A dedicated Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) will monitor your pet throughout their surgery and recovery. Although rabbits are deemed to be a ‘high risk’ under anaesthesia, the health benefits alone far outweigh the risks and over the years, rabbit anaesthesia has become much safer. 

The age of your pet, certain breeds or any underlying health conditions your pet has can increase the risk levels of anaesthesia. Your pet will receive a premedication to relax them and will also receive two types of pain relief.  Rest assured the Maven Vets team will be with your pet at every step.

Your pet will stay the day with us

On admission, we will discuss the neutering procedure and go through the consent form. Please note we must gain a signature from the registered owner (over 18) or authorised agent on the consent form. Your rabbit will be admitted as a ‘day patient’, and they will be discharged later that day once our team are happy with how your pet has recovered. During your pet’s discharge appointment, the team will go through everything you need to know about caring for your rabbit after their surgery and their pain relief medication. We are always at the end of the telephone for you and your pet, so please contact us if you have any further questions once you have your rabbit settled back at home via 0208 337 2214.

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Please bring your rabbit in a secure box or basket with a blanket that smells of home; to reduce the stress of separation between a bonded pair, we advise rabbits are brought along with their companions. Bringing your rabbit's lunch is also preferable. We require rabbits to eat relatively quickly after a general anaesthetic; having their favourite foods on hand speeds up their recovery time so we can have your rabbit back home with you as soon as possible. 

Pet Health for Life Offer

Pet Health for Life members can claim a 10% discount on any neutering procedure. Our Pet Health for Life plan offers preventative health, and you could be saving each year on what you spend on your pet treatment wise. 

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