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Pet Neutering

Pet Neutering is the term used for spaying a female animal or castrating a male animal. At Maven Vets in Surrey, we recommend going through with pet neutering unless you are a breeder.

There are both health and social benefits associated with pet neutering.

Members of Pet Health for Life benefit from a discount on neutering costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spaying?

Spaying is the term used for an ovariohysterectomy in a female dog, cat, rabbit or small animal. 

In this operation the uterus and ovaries are removed.

This prevents your female pet then being able to fall pregnant. 

In a bitch (female dog) and doe (female rabbit) the operation is usually done through a single incision through the underneath of their abdomen.

In queens (female cats) the operation can be done either through a single operation on their side or on the underneath of their abdomen as for dogs and rabbits.

What is Castration?

Castration is the term used to remove the testicles from a male animal.

In dogs and rabbits this is usually done through a single incision

In male cats two small incisions are made, one over each testicle. in front of the scrotum.

What are the health benefits of spaying my pet?

Spaying your pet:

  • Prevents unwanted pregnancy
  • Prevents a life-threatening infection of the womb called pyometra
  • Greatly reduces the chance of mammary (breast) cancer (If your pet is spayed before 1 year of age)
  • Prevents your pet coming into season. For bitches (female dogs) this means they will not bleed every 6-12 months and will not attract male dogs. For cats this means they will not ‘call’. ‘Calling’ is when a queen (female cat) will meiow loudly and in a specific way to attract a mate. Cats will call throughout the time they are in season which can last for a few months.
  • Can improve temperament. This is especially true of female rabbits who can display aggression towards their owners and other rabbits if not spayed. This is due to hormones.

What are the health benefits of castrating my pet?

Castrating your pet:

  • Prevents your pet from straying. This is especially true of male dogs and cats who can detect a bitch or queen on heat and will actively try to find them. Please be aware that castration in later life may not prevent this behaviour. 
  • Prevents testicular disease and cancer
  • Greatly reduces the risk of prostate disease. The prostate is an accessory sex gland which will become naturally smaller once the testicles and associated hormones have been removed.
  • Can help to reduce aggression. This is not true in every case of aggression as there can be many underlying causes for aggression. However, if you are concerned about aggression in your pet discuss with your vet if castration may help.

What are the social benefits of neutering my pet?

Rescue and rehoming centres in the UK are constantly bombarded with unwanted pets, all looking for a new home.

Sadly, the majority of these pets are euthanised as there are not enough homes for them.

Routinely neutering our pets not only has health benefits for them but also reduces the numbers of pets in society who are abandoned and destroyed.

When can my pet be neutered?

At Maven Vets we recommend neutering:

  • Dogs from 6 months of age
  • Cats from 4 months of age
  • Rabbits from 6 months of age

How long will my pet be in hospital for?

Neutering your pet is an operation and your pet will need a general anaesthetic.

At Maven Vets all neutering surgeries are done as day surgeries meaning you are able to take your pet home the same evening. We provide cat neutering, dog neutering and other pet neutering.

For more information on what to expect when your pet has an operation visit our operations information page


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