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Pet vaccinations


Pet Vaccinations provide protection against a variety of diseases.

They are an essential part of your pet’s health care as many of the diseases which can be vaccinated against are still prevalent in the UK.

At Maven Vets your pet is also given a full health check during their vaccination. This is as important as the vaccination itself in keeping your pet healthy.

Members of our Maven Health Care Club benefit from a discount on core Vaccinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I vaccinate my pet?

Vaccinations allow your pet to build up immunity (protection) against several diseases.

Many animals in the UK are not vaccinated meaning they can carry and transmit these diseases.

Due to this your pet is at risk of catching these diseases if they are not vaccinated which can lead to severe ill health or may be fatal.

Vaccinations and booster vaccinations may also form part of your insurance terms and conditions: failure to vaccinate in this instance may null and void your pet’s policy.

What does my pet’s vaccination protect them against?

For each species the core (essential) vaccinations have been developed to protect pets from the most prevalent and severe diseases.

See our detailed pages for

Dog Vaccinations


Cat Vaccinations


Rabbit Vaccinations 

How often does my pet need a vaccination?

All pets need a primary course of vaccinations to give initial protection.

Puppies need two injections 2-4 weeks apart

Kittens need two injections 3-4 weeks apart

Rabbit kittens need a single injection.

Thereafter all dogs, cats and rabbits need a single booster injection every year.

At Maven Vets we have carefully selected the brand of vaccines we use to maximise protection whilst minimising the amount of boosters your pet requires to remain protected.

  • Research in dogs has shown only the Leptospirosis component of the core vaccine needs an annual booster.
  • The other components of the core vaccines need a booster only every 4th year.
  • At Maven Vets we follow this protocol.
  • Presently, research suggests all components of the cat and rabbit core vaccinations require a booster annually.
  • This is the protocol we follow.

Can I over-vaccinate my pet?

At Maven Vets we are committed to preventative healthcare and recommend vaccination as an essential element of this.

It is our professional opinion that over-vaccination is rarely the case in our pet population. We ensure boosters are given only for those diseases which have shown to require this.

However, we also recognise recent public concerns about over vaccination.

We are able to offer a blood sample to check your pet’s vaccination status prior to vaccination if you would prefer to do this.

Please talk to our vets to see if this is suitable for your pet.


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