Chago is Crowned as Maven’s Pet of the Year 2021

We are delighted to announce the Winner of Maven Vets’ Pet of the Year 2021, is Chago Elliot. Chago was nominated as the Pet of the Month in November by our clinic team due to his brave battle with a life-threatening tumour of his spleen.  You can read about his full nomination story on our website by clicking here

Chago - Pet of the Year 2021Our clinic team anonymously voted for Maven’s Pet of the Year 2021 competition. Each of the 9 pets who have won the Pet of the Month during the year are eligible for entry. This year, Chago won by a landslide.

His owners were delighted to hear the news. This is what they had to say:

Can you tell us about Chago’s illness and why he was nominated for Pet of the Year?

Chago had complications with his spleen. Luckily, the day I noticed I was off work. He was in a very bad way. Thankfully, he pulled through. The vets did an amazing job and I know he was in very good hands. He’s made a great recovery, and we are all eternally grateful.

Chago - stood on all four legsWhat makes Chago special to you, and why do you think he deserved to win?

Chago is very special to our family and has made many friends during his life. He’s very well trained and has had an amazing life. He’s very clever and has quite a personality. He’s full of character, and he creates smiles everywhere he goes. He’s my best friend, and the bond we share is incredible.

 What does it mean to you that Chago has won the award?

Chago with tonge outWhen I found out he won pet of the month I was very happy. Then when I was informed he’d won pet of the year, it put a massive smile on my face. So nice when I tell people as well, the smile on everyone’s face! Makes me feel very happy knowing he was in such good hands and everyone looked after him well and bonded with him. I’m very happy he has won the award. Very grateful to all the team at Maven vets. Very lucky to have our beautiful dog here still with us and although was very hard to go through, the way in which it was dealt with was very reassuring and helpful.  So proud of this dog. He makes an impression on whoever he meets and has achieved so many accolades during his life, makes me feel very fulfilled. So nice when he receives recognition, and I will be telling everyone about him receiving this award