January 2016: Pepper Ross

January 2016: Pepper Ross

Reason for Nomination: Having a Change of Luck

When we first met Pepper in November 2015 it was under difficult circumstances. She had been hit by a car and rushed to us by a member of the public.

At that time we had no idea who she was and our first priority was to assess and stabilise her. During her exam it was discovered that she had a fractured jaw as a result of the accident but no other obvious problems were identified. She was given immediate pain relief and admitted to the hospital. She did have a microchip but unfortunately the details were out of date and so there was no way of finding her owner – we registered her as a stray.

In these situations we contact other local veterinary clinics to report we have an injured stray cat in case they may know the owner. We also use the ‘Pets Located’ website (www.petslocated.com) where we upload information about the stray animal in the hope their owner may be searching for them.

In this case we also used our facebook page to try and locate her owner but, unfortunately, to no avail.

During her stay with us Pepper was given a name! She also had her fractured jaw repaired and continued to receive the pain relief she needed. All of us at Maven Vets fell in love with her. Pepper is a real smooch and loves to be cuddled and petted – we were happy to oblige.

As no owner came forward to claim Pepper she became eligible for re-homing. With such a stunning personality we had no difficulty in finding an owner and Pepper is now happily settled with her new family, the memories of her accident in the dim and distant past.