January 2017: Summer Baker

January 2017: Summer Baker

Reason for Nomination:

Bravery in battling kidney failure with an added complication

Summer is a beautiful 12 year old British Short Hair cat who has become one of our much loved regular visitors. She has been coping with significant kidney troubles, which unfortunately is a plight shared with many of our cats, particularly common with pure breed felines.

A number of years ago an ultrasound scan indicated that one of her kidneys was much smaller than the other and not able to function normally, leaving her with only one working kidney to do the vitally important job of filtering the blood and producing urine. This is normally something that can be managed and she coped well at home for a while.

Just over a year ago she presented again with recurring signs of failing kidneys. This time there was a problem with the one remaining working kidney. The small tube leading from the kidney to her bladder (her ureter) had become narrowed and blocked. This creates a build up of fluid in her kidney, which can be very painful and significantly reduced its ability to function.

With the other kidney essentially out of action it was so important for Summer to keep this one working as well as possible.  She was referred to North Downs Specialist Referrals centre for an operation to bypass the narrowing by placing an implant called a “sub”. This is a small prosthetic tube that runs from the kidney to the bladder in place of the affected ureter, helping to keep the urine flowing.

This life saving surgery went well and Summer returned home. We still see Summer regularly as she requires regular stays in hospital with us to flush the tube to make sure her kidney continues to perform it’s vital functions. The effects of a blockage make her feel very unwell indeed and she is more prone to urinary tract infections. When she gets sick she often has to stay with us for multiple days at a time so that her kidney function can be supported until she can return home to her adoring family.

At home Summer still enjoys a very happy life. Her dedicated mummy keeps a very close eye on her and makes sure she has all the support she needs. This really helps her battle her condition.

We have so many inspirational stories to tell of exceptional pets and their loving owners here at Maven that it is always so difficult to choose just one of our friends to tell you about, but we think you’ll agree that she is one special girl that deserves celebration!

For more information about Kidney Disease in cats visit our information page.