June 2019: Bibi


Reason for Nomination: In Memory of a Beautiful Soul

Bibi started coming to see us in late 2017. She was just over 6 years old then. All our patients are special to us. There are some like Bibi, however, that are extra special. The joy for life and love that emanated from Bibi lifted all our spirits every time we met her. She would bowl us over and give licks that would leave us soaking wet but we loved her for it.

All her energy and love belied the problems that Bibi had with her health. As a young dog she was diagnosed with a developmental issue with her kidneys. She was also diagnosed with a congenital heart condition. Over time her kidneys got progressively worse. She developed severe anaemia later in life and had to have a blood transfusion and hormone injections to improve her blood count (which worked fantastically well for her!). This amongst other serious health conditions meant she had to spend a lot of time with us. Despite all the tests, injections, etc. that she had with us, Bibi, never held a grudge. Even when she must have felt desperately unwell she retained her inherent happy spirit.

At this point I must mention her human parents. They are the loveliest of people. They were lucky to have a dog as wonderful as Bibi, but, she was also very lucky to have them. Bibi’s care as one can imagine required a lot of dedication and sometimes with the different conditions proved to be challenging. Her parents proved to be fantastic carers for her and we have a great deal of respect for them.

Sadly, we lost Bibi recently. We will miss her very much and will remember her fondly. This is in her memory.