Veterinary Poisons Helpline launched for Pet Owners

Animal poisons helpline

Most pet owners are very aware of the hidden dangers to our pets which we have in our homes. Several foods such as chocolate and onions can be very poisonous to dogs and other household items such as lillies and anti- freeze can cause severe problems in cats.

The effects of different poisons on your pet can depend on what your pet has eaten, how much they have eaten and what size your pet is. This can make it difficult to know when to call the vet or when it is safe just to monitor your pet.

While you can always call Maven Veterinary Care for advice there is also now another service which has been launched for pet owners: The Animal Poison Line is a helpline which pet owners can call for advice 24 hours a day.

Run by the Veterinary Poisons Information Service, the team who man the Animal Poison Line can give exact advice about whether they need to see a vet based on what your pet may have eaten and how much.

To contact the Animal Poison Line call 01202 509 000.

(A fee of £20 applies for this service between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and £30 over night or at weekends)

For further information visit