Vaccination Amnesty November 2017

Vaccine amnesty

Pet Vaccination Amnesty

Pet Vaccinations are an essential part of keeping them healthy as they provide protection against diseases which they can be exposed to.  For full information on these diseases please visit our Pet Vaccinations Page.

When we vaccinate your pet we give cause them to produce antibodies within their immune system that means they can fight these diseases if they come across them. In order for your pets to have full immunity (maximum protection) they need to have a primary course, usually as a kitten or puppy, and then a booster vaccination each year.

If a booster pet vaccination is missed, the immunity your pet had does not last and so they are no longer protected. In order to have them fully protected again, they need to restart the primary course.

For dogs and cats, the primary course of the pet vaccinations requires two injections a few weeks apart.  (Please visit our Cat Vaccinations and Dog Vaccinations pages for full details).

Due to the two injections required, the cost of restarting the vaccine course is more expensive than having a booster.

To help you get your pet back on track, during November 2017 we are offering a vaccine amnesty!

If your cat or dog has lapsed in their vaccination boosters they can receive the full primary course for half the normal cost.

To take advantage of this offer and get your pet back on track call us on 0208 337 2214 or why not request an appointment?